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R17682.06 FIXIT bike repair kit, white
In stock, 3284 pcs
Catalogue price: €1.40 excl. VAT
bike repair kit
MaterialPP, metal
Dimensions 12 x 6,4 x 2,2 cm
R17490.01 BIKE WISE multitool, silver
on the way  
Catalogue price: €2.82 excl. VAT
Materialstainless steel
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 0,2 cm
R17839.02 BIKE SEAT bicycle seat cover, black
In stock, 1626 pcs
Catalogue price: €1.15 excl. VAT
bicycle seat cover
MaterialRPET 210T
Dimensions 25 x 23 x 6 cm
R35664.02 BIKELIT bike lamp, black
In stock, 438 pcs
Catalogue price: €17.35 excl. VAT
bike lamp
MaterialAluminium, ABS, PC
Dimensions 7,5 x 4,3 x 3,9 cm
R17842.04 BIKEYSMART bike bag, blue
Choose - Colour
In stock, 290 pcs
Catalogue price: €7.90 excl. VAT
bike bag
Materialpolyester 600D, PVC
Dimensions 21 x 9 x 10 cm
R17841.02 CELLBIKE mobile phone holder on wheel, black
In stock, 788 pcs  
Catalogue price: €5.64 excl. VAT
mobile phone holder on wheel
Materialplastic ABS
Dimensions 9,7 x 11,4 x 4,6 cm
Imprint Pad print A3, on top, 35x30 mm, 4
R17695 BIKER wheel tools set, black
In stock, 3715 pcs
Catalogue price: €9.04 excl. VAT
wheel tools set
Materialmetal, plastic
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 9,5 cm
Imprint Screen print B5, on the case, 40x25 mm, 4
Pad print A2, side, 40x10 mm, 4
sold out
R17843.01 BIKE BELL bicycle bell, silver
sold out
Catalogue price: €1.38 excl. VAT
bicycle bell
Dimensions 7 x 5,4 x 5,4 cm
Imprint Pad print A2, on top, 20x20 mm, 1
R35691.02 WHEELS ALIGHT bike torch, black
In stock, 714 pcs
Catalogue price: €11.35 excl. VAT
bike torch
Materialmetal, plastic
Dimensions 18,2 x 11,7 x 4,5 cm
Imprint Pad print A2, on the handle, 30x10 mm, 1
Pad print A2, on the case, 60x20 mm, 1
Pad print A3, on the case, 80x40 mm, 1
Digital UV print U3, on the case, 100x80 mm, 1
Laser engraving L2, on the torche, 18x5 mm, 1
R17844.02 KANGOO bike bag, black
In stock, 461 pcs
Catalogue price: €11.60 excl. VAT
bike bag
MaterialPVC celta
Dimensions 37 x 40 x 14 cm
Imprint Screen print B6, side 1, 200x150 mm, 1
R17845.10 WOODIE multitool set, brown
In stock, 739 pcs
Catalogue price: €5.55 excl. VAT
multitool set
Materialmetal, wood
Dimensions 9,5 x 1,8 x 3,1 cm
Imprint Laser engraving L2, cover, 55x10 mm, 1
R17846.02 PUMP bicycle pump, black
In stock, 2405 pcs  
Catalogue price: €4.52 excl. VAT
bicycle pump
MaterialABS, metal
Dimensions 20,5 x 4,5 x 3 cm
R17847.02 BIKECALL bicycle phone case with holder, black
In stock, 838 pcs
Catalogue price: €10.70 excl. VAT
bicycle phone case with holder
Dimensions 18,5 x 11 x 3 cm
R17836.03 HIVISIBLE reflective backpack cover, yellow
In stock, 2964 pcs
Catalogue price: €4.22 excl. VAT
reflective backpack cover
Dimensions 35 x 49 x 0,2 cm
R17837.02 CITYRIDE bicycle bag, black
In stock, 468 pcs
Catalogue price: €11.35 excl. VAT
bicycle bag
Materialpolyester, metal
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 15 cm
R17838.21 OLKO bicycle cover, grey
In stock, 1757 pcs
Catalogue price: €3.68 excl. VAT
bicycle cover
MaterialPEVA, PEVA
Dimensions 30 x 10 x 0,1 cm
R17848.02 BILIT bicycle lamp set, black
In stock, 1940 pcs
Catalogue price: €5.65 excl. VAT
bicycle lamp set
Dimensions 9,5 x 6,5 x 3,5 cm
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