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R08627.04 PRESCOTT travel bag, blue
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In stock, 42 pcs
Catalogue price: €13.50 excl. VAT
travel bag
Materialpolyester 600D
Dimensions 650 x 300 x 300 mm
Imprint Screen print B6, on the front pocket, 120x50 mm, 4
R73626.02 EASE sports kidney bag, black/light green
In stock, 6851 pcs
Catalogue price: €3.40 excl. VAT
sports kidney bag
Materialpolyester, plastic
Dimensions 220 x 120 x 3 mm
Imprint Screen print B6, on the surface, 80x20 mm, 1
R08593.21 GREYTONE sports bag, grey
In stock, 273 pcs  
Catalogue price: €8.37 excl. VAT
sports bag
Materialpolyester, fabric
Dimensions 430 x 240 x 200 mm
Imprint Screen print B6, on the pocket, 200x80 mm, 4
R08699.02 DRY INSIDE XL waterproof bag, black
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in production  
Catalogue price: €9.58 excl. VAT
waterproof bag
Materialpolyester 250D, 0.36 mm PVC
Dimensions 315 x 465 x 6 mm
Imprint Screen print B7, on the sack, 230x240 mm, 1
R91819.21 WINTON business travel bag with suit compartment, grey
currently not in stock
Catalogue price: €39.60 excl. VAT
business travel bag with suit compartment
Materialmelange fabric, polyester
Dimensions 570 x 370 x 290 mm
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