12 Aug 2019

How to Shop Effectively

New e-shop by PROMOLOG contains several useful functions not only to save your time and simplify your shopping experience but also to help you to satisfy the needs of your customers. Let us introduce them to you!

Shopping lists

On the e-shop you can created unlimited number of shopping lists where you can enter various products. Shopping lists can be exported in one click into PDF or an Excel file where you can further edit prices, names etc. and create thus a presentation material for your customers. Thereafter you can insert the whole shopping list into the shopping cart and send it off.
After logging in you will be able to create shopping lists and add products from different parts of our e-shop. They can be found in your user portal.
After logging in you will be able to create shopping lists and add products from different parts of our e-shop by clicking on buton and they can be found in your User portal.

Quick shopping

Do you have a list of products which you want to order? Then this function will save you a lot of time! Quick shopping makes it possible to enter the product codes and their quantity without the need to search for them – you can just copy and paste data from your list. Quick shopping is ideal for example for ordering samples or doing bigger orders.
The Quick shopping function can be found after logging in at the top right corner under the shopping cart.

Adding new e-shop users

Are there more of you in your company and you do not want to lose time with individual registrations? Simply add other users and set up their access rights. For each company there can be an unlimited number of users who can carry out different activities on the e-shop with their respective rights. New user can be given one of the four types of rights:

  • Superadmin – they can see activities (orders, rights) of all users, they can access product data XML files through API and they have a right to order, add users and edit them.
  • Admin – they can place orders and only see their orders
  • Read-only – they can see activities of other users but they do not have a right either to shop or to edit anything
  • XML – they only have a right to access product data XML files through API. Reserved for connecting to your e-shop.

Superadmin will find the list of users in the Users’ portal under Users’ roles.

Possibility to add attachments to your order

If you wish to add to the order graphic files for printing or maybe your delivery note you can do so in the first step of the shopping cart. You can specify if the attachment is for a specific product or for the whole order. The attachment size can be as much as 5 MB for a file and 25 MB in total. Do not forget: each attachment must be saved before going to the next step of your order.


Do you need to compare products and you don’t want to waste time switching between products? Use the Comparison function where you can enter products from different locations in our e-shop. Comparison function will show you the most important characteristics of products transparently and in one place. After you have selected the right product you can add it to your shopping cart with one click.
Comparison function can be found in the top right corner and you can add products for comparison from the list of products as well as from the product detail .

Optimized filtering and search

Filtering and search have been optimized especially for the needs of you – advertising agencies and distributors.
During your search you will get a great help with our smart search and autocomplete which searches your requested term separately in products and in text pages. You can not only search by name or code but also by description, colour, available imprint or you can combine all of this.
Do you want to specify listed results, or do you need to search products across all categories by only one characteristic? Filtering will always help you. Filters and conditions are located on the left under the list of product categories and you can filter by all important characteristics such as price, stock conditions, colour, imprint etc. Our tip: if you are looking for any product in defined price range and for example a specific colour, choose a category All products and then select appropriate filters.

Actual stock conditions including future deliveries

For all products you will find their actual stock conditions including a plan of future deliveries. The stock condition with planned deliveries is displayed on the product detail and if you need more colour options of one product simply go to the bookmark Colours & Stock. You don’t want to click on product details? You don’t have to. Stock condition with planned deliveries will appear already in the product list and you can therefore add the goods into the cart without going to product detail first.
If the product has a stock condition “on the way” or “on request” you can add it to the cart without any further worries and place the order. We will check the status and contact you.

Product data for connection with your e-shop

Do you wish to add our products to your e-shop? We have prepared for you an interface with all product information about products and stock conditions including planned deliveries in XML, CSV or XLSX formats.

User portal

In the user portal you will find everything concerning your set-up and orders.

  • My information: Here you can see all information about you and your company, invoiced amounts and a credit limit. Your company’s invoice information cannot be changed in the e-shop. If any of these data change, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Orders list: In the list you will find all your orders including their status, invoice for download and a tracking number under the order’s detail.
  • Invoices list: Here you will find all your invoices ready for download.
  • List of addresses: In this section you can add and edit your delivery addresses.
  • Shopping lists: Here you can add, edit, export and transfer to the shopping cart your shopping lists (see Shopping lists above).
  • Users roles: If you have the access right as Superadmin you can add and edit other e-shop users here (see Adding new e-shop users).
  • Change of password: Use this in case you need to change the password.
  • Downloads: Here you can find different files and documents which are useful for you. E.g. all product pictures, general terms and conditions etc.

Other useful functions

Do you have a question regarding a product? Right on the product you will find the button to send your question!

Have you found a product interesting and do you want to share the link or share the product with someone? Use buttons and on the product detail.