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R64253.06 DOT PLANNER notebook, white
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In stock, 875 pcs
Catalogue price: €2.88 excl. VAT
Materialpaper 70 g/m2
Dimensions 145 x 210 x 14 mm
R64258.42 FOREST pen and notebook gift set, blue
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In stock, 1103 pcs  
Catalogue price: €5.80 excl. VAT
pen and notebook gift set
Materialpaper, bamboo, cardboard
Dimensions 192 x 237 x 19 mm
R64261.51 LA MORA lined notebook, green
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In stock, 1107 pcs
Catalogue price: €7.37 excl. VAT
lined notebook
Materialpaper 80 g/m2, metal, PU
Dimensions 150 x 220 x 22 mm
R35643.02 DEVON tablet for notes, black
In stock, 1496 pcs
Catalogue price: €8.39 excl. VAT
tablet for notes
MaterialABS plastic, PP
Dimensions 110 x 172 x 5 mm
R64268.13 NATAL lined notebook, beige
In stock, 1226 pcs  
Catalogue price: €2.77 excl. VAT
lined notebook
Materialpaper 70 g/m2, metal
Dimensions 150 x 210 x 11 mm
R73641.21 BERGAMI notepad and pen set, grey
In stock, 1075 pcs
Catalogue price: €6.99 excl. VAT
notepad and pen set
Materialpaper, aluminium, PU, fabric
Dimensions 147 x 235 x 16 mm
R64267.08 DALVIK notebook with blank pages, red
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In stock, 1847 pcs  
Catalogue price: €1.65 excl. VAT
notebook with blank pages
Materialcardboard, metal, paper 70 g/m2
Dimensions 135 x 180 x 10 mm
R64269.05 SMILE notebook and pen set, green
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In stock, 4246 pcs  
Catalogue price: €1.35 excl. VAT
notebook and pen set
Materialpaper 70 g/m2, metal, PP
Dimensions 110 x 130 x 7 mm
R64021.10 MOKKA A5 notebook, brown
In stock, 1944 pcs
Catalogue price: €3.89 excl. VAT
A5 notebook
Materialpaper 70 g/m2, cork, coffee grind beans
Dimensions 140 x 210 x 15 mm
R64265.21 IRUN lined notepad with pocket, grey
in production  
Catalogue price: €4.88 excl. VAT
lined notepad with pocket
Dimensions 145 x 210 x 22 mm
R64266.02 VIAJE retro style notepad, black
in production  
Catalogue price: €4.47 excl. VAT
retro style notepad
Materialpaper 80 g/m2, PU
Dimensions 120 x 200 x 18 mm
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